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Exploring the Hidden Gems: 5 Stunning Beaches of Aceh Besar

beautiful beaches in Aceh Besar
beautiful beaches in Aceh Besar/steemit

AchehNetwork.com - Many may still be unaware of the breathtaking coastal beauty that Aceh holds. 

Its clear waters, fine white sands, and stunning sunsets immediately captivate anyone with the beauty of Aceh's beaches.

Among these natural wonders, Aceh Besar Regency boasts several remarkable beaches. 

Here are 5 of the most beautiful beaches in Aceh Besar worth visiting:

1. Lampuuk Beach

Lampuuk Beach is a beach paradise in Aceh often crowded with visitors during holidays.

 Its soft and clean white sands, along with its blue and clear waters, make it a perfect spot to enjoy nature's beauty. 

The beach is also renowned for its large waves, making it a haven for surfers. In the evenings, visitors can enjoy the captivating sunset at Lampuuk Beach.

Location: Meunasah Masjid Village, Lhoknga District, Aceh Besar Regency. Admission fee: Rp3,000/person.

2. Sunset Surf Cafe

Located also in Lhoknga, Sunset Surf Cafe is a popular spot among young people. 

Besides enjoying delicious food, visitors can relish the mesmerizing sunset on this beach. 

The place is highly Instagrammable!

Entrance fee: Rp3,000/person.

3. Dream Life Beach

Dream Life Beach in Lhoknga also offers stunning natural beauty with a captivating Bali vibe. 

Adorned with beautiful lights, this beach creates a romantic atmosphere, especially during sunset and nighttime.

Entrance fee: around Rp3,000 to Rp5,000.

4. Momong Beach

Momong Beach, situated in Meunasah Balee, Lhoknga District, has its own allure with its landscape surrounded by high cliffs. 

This beach is seldom known because it's hidden behind hills, yet it offers spectacular views of the Indian Ocean.

Parking and admission fee: Rp5,000.

5. Pasir Putih Beach Lhok Mee (White Sand Beach)

Pasir Putih Beach Lhok Mee (White Sand Beach), located in Lamreh, Masjid Raya District, also offers the extraordinary beauty of nature. 

Its captivating white sands, clear waters, and trees growing along the shore create a charming atmosphere for visitors.

Admission fee: Rp5,000/person, including vehicle parking fee.

With these beautiful beaches, Aceh Besar indeed harbors hidden paradises worthy of exploration and enjoyment by tourists.(*)


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